Press Brake Services

Metal fabrication often requires carefully controlled pressure to bend materials precisely without snapping or unexpected curving. Hydraulic and manual press brakes bend metal by precisely applying force to create accurate pressed folds and edges without marking the metal. 

A press brake clamps metal pieces between an upper and lower die that bend the metal in sharp angles up to 120°. The upper die applies consistent force along the sheet or plate of metal, and the lower die controls the shape or angle of the press.

Tri-Cities Manufacturing (TCM) offers hydraulic press brake services with multiple press sizes, ensuring that we can meet the needs of any client or application.

Machine List

Hydraulic presses turn flat sheets of aluminum, stainless steel, and precoated seal into 3-D parts and products. TCM offers contract manufacturing services using our fleet of four hydraulic press brakes. 

  • 6′ Baykal CNC Brake Press

This 60-ton machine creates crisp folds and bends in thin metals.

  • 12′ Baykal CNC Brake Press

This 240-ton press delivers is used to manufacture thicker metal parts. The extended range also makes it ideal for longer commercial and industrial products.

  • 20′ Baykal CNC Brake Press

TCM has two 421-ton, 20’ Baykal CNC brake presses capable of bending thicker metal sheets. The machines can operate separately to produce simultaneous runs of large parts or operate in tandem to bend up to 40’ of material. 

Having hydraulic press brakes of different lengths and forces gives Tri-Cities Manufacturing the capacity to handle production runs of all sizes. The different lengths also allow multiple different parts for construction and transportation projects to be manufactured at one site. 

Common Applications and Industries

Hydraulic press braking processes are commonly used throughout several industries. The process can handle thin metal components and thicker metal sheets for industrial and commercial uses. Some of the industries that benefit from hydraulic brake press manufacturing include:

  • Building and construction
  • Commercial transportation
  • Aerospace

Components commonly manufactured by TCM include:

  • Stainless steel and coated steel angles
  • Steel C channels
  • Rails

We use our hydraulic press brakes in combination with shearing, sheet cutting, sheet shearing, and angle cutting machines to cold-form pieces from beginning to end on-site in our facility.

Press Brake Services from TCM

Hydraulic press brake machines allow for faster and more precise cold forming of metal parts. The Baykal hydraulic brake presses we use at TCM can generate pressing forces of up to 421 tons for large-scale commercial and industrial projects. We’re a diversified contract manufacturer that has been manufacturing everything from prototypes to finished products since 1969. 


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