Wire Harness & Cable Assemblies

Wire harnesses are intended to protect wires from their environments. They’re generally made of thermoset or thermoplastic materials and form external sheaths, which are then used to cover cables and wires. Using wire harnesses to bundle these wires and cables together is a common practice in many industries. This way, electrical contractors and engineers have increased control over the organization of their wiring systems, as well as additional protection from current flow.

Cable assemblies are also used to group and organize wires or cables. When compared to wire harnesses, cable assemblies are constructed of stronger materials. They may be made up of materials such as vinyl, thermoplastic rubber, or shrink-wrapped thermoplastic. These heavy-duty materials offer increased protection to the cables and wires housed inside.

Cable assemblies are often specifically engineered to suit their intended environments. The size of the location where they’ll be used and environmental factors like temperature, chemical exposure, and moisture all come into play during the engineering process. Cable assemblies can be engineered to resist or mitigate harmful factors such as:

  • Friction
  • Compression
  • Heat
  • Moisture
  • Abrasion

Cable assemblies are often seen as the superior choice when it comes time to decide between them or wire harnesses. While wire harnesses are cheaper, this affordability often comes at the price of reduced protective abilities. Harnesses are often more useful for organizing wires than protecting them. They’ve been known to fail at providing adequate resistance to friction, temperature swings, and other factors.

Wire Harness Assemblies

Tri-cities can supply your 20-8 gage GXL wire harness needs from a Single Circuit Ground, Lighting or Power harness to a complex System Controls Harness using a variety of AMP, TYCO, Delphi/Packard, Panduit, Molex and Deutsch terminals and connectors.  We utilize two Ultrasonic Wire Splicing machines in our multiple circuit harness. We also offer looming and heat shrinking services to protect and finish out these harnesses. 

TCM also offers continuity testing services on all our harness products. These tests are specially designed to measure low cable resistances. This insight is critical to ensuring component functionality and plant, human, and equipment safety.

Products and Specializations

Cable Assemblies

We rely on industry-grade GXL and SGK SGX  Battery Cable and Class K Welding Cable from #2 to 4/0 in our cable assemblies. insulation for all our wiring. We have several hydraulic crimpers to install varied size lugs to your battery and power cables. This assures a durable bond between cable and lug for DC power distribution needs. For customers requiring process assistance in finishing their cable assemblies, we also offer turnkey looming and heat shrinking services for these cables.

The Tri-Cities Manufacturing team also specializes in a handful of areas when it comes to wire harness and cable assemblies:

  • Motor homes (smaller wires for undercarriages)
  • Cables and wire harnesses as long 40-50’
  • Larger cable assemblies (14 gauge up to 4/0 cables, which distribute DC currents)
  • Projects concerning smaller wire (two ultrasonic wire splicing machines in-house)

At Tri-Cities Manufacturing, we believe it’s crucial to offer our clients wire labeling products and services. Thorough wire and cable labeling systems simplify installations and facilitate easy maintenance and repairs. Understanding the components and machinery you’re working with is much easier when adequate labeling is present.

Wire Harnesses & Cable Assemblies from Tri-State Cities Manufacturing

A knowledgeable member of our staff will be eager to speak with you about your unique and individualized needs. Our team will work in tandem with yours in order to ensure we deliver the optimum solutions for your application and industry. 

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