Injection Molding Thermoplastic

Thermoplastic injection molding (TIM) is a fabrication process that injects melted thermoplastic material into molds to create duplicatable functional parts and components with high levels of accuracy in large quantities. 

The injection molding process begins with the design and construction of a custom mold or die (usually made from steel or aluminum) that includes the various dimensions and features of the finished product. Once the mold is completed, it is positioned in the injection molding machine. Then, the specific polymer used for the formation of the product is melted in a barrel. An injector injects this melted plastic into the pre-made mold, where, once cooled, it is released to produce the newly created plastic component.

Typically employed in pellet form, thermoplastic injection molding materials inherently have the capacity to be melted, cooled, and re-melted. This characteristic allows manufacturers to use both new or recycled thermoplastics for their molded parts and components.

Our Thermoplastic Injection Molding Capabilities and Applications

Injection molding allows for the accurate production of custom parts and components for a wide range of applications. Some of the common applications of our thermoplastic injection molding capabilities include: 

  • Video gaming components, such as game controllers and joysticks
  • Plastic covers for cargo compartment locks on motorhomes
  • Locking mechanisms for attaching screens to window frames
  • Mud flaps 
  • Inside and outside corners used with Health Design Wall Base

At Tri-Cities Manufacturing, our injection molding machine capacity ranges from 25 to 650 tons with up to 70 ounce shot sizes, allowing for significant injection molding versatility. Along with these injection molding capabilities, we also offer overmolding and insert molding.

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Thermoplastic injection molding offers a cost-effective means of producing high accuracy plastic parts and components at a lower cost and production rate that suits clients with high volume demands.

At Tri-Cities Manufacturing, Inc., we have the expertise and equipment to produce a broad range of injection molded plastic parts and components to meet the various needs of our clients.

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