Mechanical Assemblies

Mechanical Assemblies and Subassemblies employ a combination of in house fabricated parts and purchased hardware components assembled to provide the customer with a finished part. 

Electromechanical assemblies employ a combination of electrical and mechanical parts and components to perform various operations, including power distribution, systems control, fusing and mechanical switching of power circuits parts.  These assembled devices involve a number of stages, including in-house production of needed parts, procurement of outside parts, developing the process, and production operations, as well as performance and quality testing. 

Some of the assembly services that Tri-Cities Manufacturing specializes in include:

  • Mechanical assemblies for battery slide-out trays in motor homes
  • Pre-assembled cross members, braces and brackets for chassis
  • Battery Disconnect panels
  • Power & Relay Control panels

We have a team ready to take on all assembly projects as they come in, and we work to develop an internal flow in our facility that helps to keep each assembly project moving and heading toward completion.

Tri-Cities Mechanical Assemblies Overview

At Tri-Cities Manufacturing, Inc., we manufacture mechanical assemblies that are used in motor homes, elevator controls, speed sensor controls, and weapons systems for industries that include law enforcement and traffic safety. 

Founded in 1969 on the philosophy of providing our clients with superior products and value, we have undergone decades of growth and successful operation. In addition to our electronic and mechanical assembly services, we also offer other contract manufacturing capabilities, including stamping, injection molding, and in-house tooling. 

We employ state-of-the-art equipment and tools, internal training to provide our employees with the necessary knowledge, and rigorous quality assurance methods to ensure the manufacture of the highest quality parts for our clients. Our team has the expertise required to get your job done properly and promptly. 

To see how our assembly services can help with your company’s needs, contact us today to receive a quote.