TCM integrates the client into the company to create and sustain the highest standards of integrity, ethics and fairness which override in all transactions and relationships. However, we can only be as strong as the value we add to our clients' position. Consequently, our goal remains straightforward: to produce the highest quality products necessary to succeed in this complex global environment.

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Tri-Cities Manufacturing, Inc. will strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service that each product requires. This starts with the quoting process, the prototype or pilot part, the evaluation or approval process, to the quality driven production process, to the packing and shipping. We apply this to each customers part in order to fill their production needs at a fair and reasonable price.

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Our challenge at TCM is to provide our customer with the product they NEED, completed to the stage they REQUIRE, delivered on TIME and in a way that BEST integrates with their process. We believe, in doing these things, we will develop trust and long term relationships.

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